"Band Apart" release date June 21st, 2019 on Crammed Discs!

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"In The Soup" release date April 30, 2018!


"The Demos"  release date September 23, 2016!


"Lonely Road"  release date November 25, 2014!


"Tangobidet"  release date July 14, 2014!

Voted best album of 1984 by Details Magazine, Mader’s Tangobidet became an overnight cult sensation.  Somewhere between Yves Montand and Lou Reed, well out of the pop mains stream, Mader's bold performances of Tangobidet in New york City’s main clubs fascinated audiences because of it's timeless originality in stark contrast to the New Wave trends of the time.    



"5 LEGGED FISH"  released date October 2013.

"…I aimed at capturing inspiration itself…”


"After 20 years of scoring films, I needed to reconnect with my own sense of unrestrained creative expression. In writing this album,  I aimed at capturing inspiration itself, and once I tapped into it, I let it flow, playing freely. It was important for me that every piece would spring from a spontaneous, inspired musical moment. At the core of each of these pieces is true improvisation. I played all the instruments myself. The orchestration would be defined by the range and variety of instruments that were lying in the studio and hanging around the house. That was the thread that would tie all the pieces together. In the end, very little editing was applied to the structure so that it would retain the original inspiration. The whole album was recorded in 3 months and captured the essence of my emotions at the time."

Art work: "Poisson à 5 pattes"  © Marie-Arme