5 Legged Fish

5 Legged Fish

New release! 5 Legged Fish

An exquisite cinematic journey, this evocative album lies somewhere between Eric Satie's Gymnopedies and Brian Eno's Airport. The suite features an intricate marriage of acoustic instrumentation and unique electronic soundscapes. 

WARNING: To get the full sonic experience of this album, please listen to it through loud speakers, as some frequencies exceed the range of small speakers. 

Full album available October 4, 2013 on iTunes & Amazon!


Original art work: "Poisson à 5 pattes"  © Marie-Armel  

The cover for "5 legged fish" is a painting by Marie-Armel who inspired me with her profoundly original work.  I felt the engraving strangely mirrored the tone of the music. Marie Armel lives in Paris and continues to create beautiful art. The painting was done on chocolate!